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Ep 62 – PDA Movies Black Panther pt 2

🙏🏿🚫❓Please Don’t Ask Podcast: Ep 62 – PDA Movies Black Panther pt 2 [music & art by @Yrhynys @EncyclopediaBrown] #PDA about Killmonger’s last words (4:30) #PDA Malcolm vs Martin (7:30) #PDA does Killmonger represent us (11:20) #PDA should Wakanda attack other nations with vibranium (17:07) #PDA war vs knowledge (19:07)  #PDA to respect the ancestors (25:07) “Bridging the gap between entertainment and education” #PleaseDontAsk #Podcast #BlackPanther #Movies #PDA

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Ep 58– PDA Movies Black Panther

🙏🏿🚫❓Please Don’t Ask Podcast: Ep 58– PDA Movies Black Panther [music & art by @Yrhynys @EncyclopediaBrown] 🙏🏿🚫❓ New guests intros (0:30) 🙏🏿🚫❓Please Don’t Ask rank the movie Black Panther (2:50) 🙏🏿🚫❓ Please Don’t ask about the action scenes & musical score (4:30) 🙏🏿🚫❓ Movie vs. Movement (12:00) 🙏🏿🚫❓ Cultural undertones and influence on the ticket sales (33:00) 🙏🏿🚫❓ Please Don’t Ask was Black Panther a classic movie (40:00) “Bridging the gap between […]

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Ep 24 – PDA Movies Get Out

🙏🚫❓ Please Don’t Ask Podcast: Ep 24 – PDA Movies Get Out (***SPOILER ALERT***): Guest Dr. Quilly and Snowboard P join the show Day Light Savings, what is the purpose?!  (2:30); Lakeith Stanfield acting skills (8:30); Significance of the film being made (15:00); Adjusting your personality to fit into a group (35:00); PDA’s resident PhD in Psychology Quilly speaks on the #SunkenPlace, hypnosis, and backs feeling powerless in certain situations (50:45); the […]

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Ep 11 – PDA 2016 Movie & Podcast Year-in-Review

🙏🚫❓Podcast Ep 11 PDA Movie & Podcst Year-In-Review:  Deadpool (0:45); Snowden (6:45); Options in the City of Chicago (9:30); PDA gets all giggly over War Dogs (12:30); Kevin defends the McGuffin that is Arrival (18:45); Isaac sleeps on Rogue One, literally (23:15); Isaac tries his best to not spoil Passengers, Don’t Breather, and Girl on the Train (33:00); Isaac crowns Nice Guys as his favorite movie of 2016 (38:50); PDA […]

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