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Ep 40 – PDA GOT S07E06

🙏🏿🚫❓Please Don’t Ask Podcast:  Ep 40 – PDA GOT S07E06 Solar Eclipse, Sansa and Arya bickering (2:00); Frozen conversations (15:00); Best way to stay warm (24:30); Isaac’s Insight:  Mind > Matter (36:45); Not-so-obvious dragonglass weapons (52:30); PDA Self Help: Question Everything; Science; Make Yourself Proud of Yourself (1:13:30) [music & art by @Yrhynys]

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Ep 39 – PDA GOT S07E05 pt 2

🙏🏿🚫❓Please Don’t Ask Podcast Ep 39 – PDA GOT S07E05 pt 2 Jaime practices southpaw with Tyrion (2:05) Cersei’s perspective; Isaac’s Insite: Quantum Physics (22:05);  Kevin’s GOT name game Rain Man impression (33:30); Arya’s League of Shadows training foiled (42:30);  John Snow is not a yes man; Fan fantasy white walker quest (54:00); Predictions (1:02:45); PDA Self Help: Walk/Bike more, Drive less  & Figure Out What You Like to Do […]

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Ep 38 – PDA GOT S07E05

🙏🏿🚫❓Please Don’t Ask Podcast Ep 38 – PDA GOT S07E05 pt 1 Jamie and Bronn swim to safety; Bend the knee…or burn!; Dragon’s precise aim (2:00);  Dragon and Snow have a bond?; Army of dead & Ravens (17:30); Citadel blows off Sam and Bran; Snow assembles a team (31:00); What is the plan north of the wall?!?! (45:30) [music and art by @Yrhynys]

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Ep 37 – PDA GOT S07E04

🙏🏿🚫❓Please Don’t Ask Podcast Ep 37 – PDA GOT S07E04 Chaos is a Ladder, Change = Entropy = Constant; League of Shadows Training (9:00); Brienne vs. Arya, Best Scene ever in GOT? (23:00); Hieroglyphs of Night King (33:50); Dragon War I (37:15); Saved by Bottomless Lake (48:30); PDA Self Help: Have a Plan & Take Care of the Little Things (1:05:50) [music and art by @Yrhynys]

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Ep 36 – PDA GOT S07E03

🙏🏿🚫❓ Please Don’t Ask Podcast Ep 36 – PDA GOT S07E03 Never get used to dragons (6:00); You have to bend the knee (16:00); Kevin’s teaching corner: John Snow’s modus operandi (21:00); Fine line between honorable and self-preservation; why cabbage?  (24:00); Kiss of death (33:00); Bad people or products of environment in GOT? (39:30); Impregnate the B! (44:40); PDA Self Help: Power Dress & Be Deliberate (56:15) [music and art […]

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Ep 35 – PDA GOT S07E01 Recap

🙏🏿🚫❓ Please Don’t Ask Podcast Ep 35 – PDA GOT S07E01 Recap : Adam and Kevin join PDA to discuss Game of Thrones How good is GOT intro music and sequence? (2:00); Faceoff toast to the death (9:40); What is GOT building to?(20:15); Beetlejuice table/Winter is coming (29:30); Check out #CanalStreet and #CrateTalk; Build 1,000 ships; Proposal to marry (37:15); We are the memories of the world; Change is constant (45:15); […]

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