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Some experiences are to be consumed, and not critiqued. Bridging the gap between entertainment and education.

Ep 48 – PDA TV Curb S09E01pt1

🙏🏿🚫❓Please Don’t Ask Podcast: Ep 48– PDA TV Curb S09E01pt1
[music & art by @Yrhynys @EncyclopediaBrown]

  • Go-to Movies, VHS Tapes, HDTV, Prescription glasses [0:00]
  • Shout out to momma [8:00]
  • Please Don’t Ask to hold the door [13:00]
  • Describing Curb Your Enthusiasm to someone [35:00]
  • Larry David embraces the black community [45:45]

“Bridging the gap between entertainment and education”
#PleaseDontAsk #Podcast

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