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Ep 42 – PDA TV

🙏🏿🚫❓Please Don’t Ask Podcast:  Ep 42 – PDA TV
[music & art by @Yrhynys]

  • Kevin makes an account and Isaac doesn’t understand Twitter (1:00)
  • Is GoT the best cable TV show of all time? (8:30)
  • Best cable TV shows: Oz (12:00) MadMen (16:00) Sex in the City (21:00)
  • Kevin’s teaching corner: Address someone appropriately (22:15)
  • HBO best cable TV channel all time?; Band of Brothers (23:30)
  • PDA stay frosty recalling Eastbound & Down and Six Feet Under (27:30)
  • PDA Self Help:  Know Who to Know (32:00)
  • NFL talk (36:00)

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