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Ep 35 – PDA GOT S07E01 Recap

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Ep 35 – PDA GOT S07E01 Recap : Adam and Kevin join PDA to discuss Game of Thrones
How good is GOT intro music and sequence? (2:00); Faceoff toast to the death (9:40); What is GOT building to?(20:15); Beetlejuice table/Winter is coming (29:30); Check out #CanalStreet and #CrateTalk; Build 1,000 ships; Proposal to marry (37:15); We are the memories of the world; Change is constant (45:15); GOT Glee Club (51:00); Look in the fire (58:05); PDA Self Help: Bike more, walk more, drive less, #BeGreat (1:04:45) [music and art by @Yrhynys]

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