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Ep 13 – PDA TV Black Mirror Season 1 Recap

🙏🚫❓Podcast Ep 13 PDA TV Black Mirror Season 1 Recap:
PDA discuss Season 1 of the Netflix series Black Mirror; Social pressure related to terrorist demands (2:30); How to prepare for sex with a pig (9:45); What humans would do vs what YOU would do (15:00); PDA discuss 15 Million Merits (19:45); What is the proper price for freedom or a social do not disturb? (23:00); Back to the bike (block) or sell out? (38:00); PDA take a detour to discuss the best cable TV series of all time: The Wire (48:00); The Entire History of You, PDA’s favorite Season 1 episode (54:45); Obsessing over a hunch and diving down the rabbit hole (1:01:00); Kevin educates Isaac on Schrodinger’s Cat (1:03:00)[music and art by @YrHyNys]

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