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Some experiences are to be consumed, and not critiqued.

Ep 27 – PDA Sports March Madness and NBA MVP 2017

🙏🏿🚫❓Please Don’t Ask Podcast:  Ep 27 – PDA Sports NCAA Tourney and NBA MVP 2017 South Region (2:30);  Midwest Region (9:15); East Region (13:00); West Region (18:00); 2017 Final 4 Prediction (21:00); PDA discuss the 2017 NBA MVP race (31:00); Big Kev gives his gasconade of Russell Westbrook (33:45); Isaac makes his claim for Kawhi Leonard (38:45); PDA talk Chicago Bulls (44:30)  [music and art by @Yrhynys]

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Ep 25 – PDA TV TWD E7S13 Recap Pt 1

  🙏🏿🚫❓ Please Don’t Ask Podcast: Ep 25 – PDA TV The Walking Dead S7E13 Recap:  Forced Foreshadowing in TWD (12:00); Kevin’s Teaching Corner:  Comic Book Fridging (14:00); Carol’s character arch, PDAs favorite (19:00); Morgan’s conversation about Carol’s isolation, humans aren’t programmed for it  (33:45); Morgan relapse before kicking the bucket (45:00); 24 Legacy tangent (50:30)  [music and art by @Yrhynys]

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Ep 24 – PDA Movies Get Out

🙏🚫❓ Please Don’t Ask Podcast: Ep 24 – PDA Movies Get Out (***SPOILER ALERT***): Guest Dr. Quilly and Snowboard P join the show Day Light Savings, what is the purpose?!  (2:30); Lakeith Stanfield acting skills (8:30); Significance of the film being made (15:00); Adjusting your personality to fit into a group (35:00); PDA’s resident PhD in Psychology Quilly speaks on the #SunkenPlace, hypnosis, and backs feeling powerless in certain situations (50:45); the […]

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Ep 20 – PDA TV 24 Legacy

🙏🚫❓ Please Don’t Ask Podcast: Ep 20 – PDA TV 24 Legacy:  Renting DVDs from Blockbuster (2:00); PDA lays out the rules for 24:  Ultra casual working environment (10:00); No protocol (12:30); Hidden Romances (13:30); Intense Situations (15:30); There’s always a mole (18:00); 24 hate for Muslims (20:00) [music and art by @Yrhynys]  

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Ep 19 – PDA TV TWD S7E9 Recap

🙏🚫❓ Please Don’t Ask Podcast: Ep 19 – PDA TV TWD S7E9 Recap:  PDA rates the Rock in the Road episode (2:00); Hilltoppers and Gregory’s Mr. Drummond tendencies (20:30); Sasha and Rosetta’s exchange (27:00); Is King Ezekiel a wangsta? (32:00); Rick’s crew turns into the Fast and Furious Bomb Squad (48:30); PDA questions the lack of rules in TWD (55:30); Why humans are more dangerous than zombies (1:04:00) [music and art […]

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Ep 17 – PDA Sports Bulls Drama & Superbowl Preview

🙏🚫❓ Please Don’t Ask Podcast Ep 17 – PDA Sports Bulls Drama & Superbowl Preview: Guest Big Kev joins PDA to discuss Chicago Bulls Drama (1:30); Superbowl XI, who should be the betting favorite? (12:30); Matt Ryan’s time or Brady the GOAT? (17:00); Falcons dynamic offense and matching upwith Julio Jones (22:00); Big Kev’s new cooking appliance (27:00); Day after Superbowl American Holiday? (34:30) [music and art by @YrHyNys]

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