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Month: January 2017

Ep 16 – PDA TV New Edition Recap

🙏🚫❓ Please Don’t Ask Podcast Ep 16 – PDA TV New Edition Recap:  Guest Big Kev joins PDA to discuss growing up listening to New Edition (3:00); BET’s casting of the NE special (7:00); Fame as pre-teens, should parents be blamed? (13:30); Bobby Brown and growing up as a victim of your surroundings (23:30); What happened to boy bands? (31:30); PDA questions BET’s programming (34:30) [music and art by @YrHyNys]

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Ep 15 – PDA TV Black Mirror Season 2 Recap

🙏🚫❓ Please Don’t Ask Podcast Ep 15 – PDA TV Black Mirror Season 2 Recap:  President Trumps Inaguaration and Women’s Protest (1:00); Black Mirror S2, E1 – Be Right Back recap (10:45); Is social media software too intrusive (19:00); Kevin breaks down the Uncanny Valley hypothesis (38:00); Given the choice, would you communicate with a dead person? (41:00); Black Mirror S2, E2 – Black Bear recap (45:00); Does a heinous […]

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Ep 14 – PDA Zone & Challenge Update

  🙏🚫❓ Please Don’t Ask Podcast Ep 14 PDA Zone & Challenge Update: PDA Zone:  Celebrity Boxing Match (1:15); Chris Brown vs. Soldier Boy (3:00); PDA hypothesize the matchup.  Would you buy this fight? (7:30); Boxing losing fans to MMA (12:30); PDA Challenge Update: Isaac reads a book, kinda (18:00); Was Kevin better, great, create? (28:30); Next week’s challenge (35:00) [music and art by @YrHyNys]

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Ep 13 – PDA TV Black Mirror Season 1 Recap

🙏🚫❓Podcast Ep 13 PDA TV Black Mirror Season 1 Recap: PDA discuss Season 1 of the Netflix series Black Mirror; Social pressure related to terrorist demands (2:30); How to prepare for sex with a pig (9:45); What humans would do vs what YOU would do (15:00); PDA discuss 15 Million Merits (19:45); What is the proper price for freedom or a social do not disturb? (23:00); Back to the bike (block) or […]

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Ep 12 – PDA 2016 Zeitgeist Year-in-Review

🙏🚫❓Podcast Ep 12 PDA 2016 Zeitgeist Year-In-Review: PDA discuss the 2016 election build up and fallout (1:15); Cubs win World Series: Kevin reflects on attending the NLCS (10:15); Olympics:  Usain Bolt poses for camera; #BlackGirlMagic flips the script (14:00); Kevin Live-What-We-Talk-About (15:50); Dave Chappelle host SNL (22:15); Kevin looks back at black superheros of 2016 and movies of 2017 (27:30); Isaac looks forward to a creative and expressive 2017 (32:00); […]

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Ep 11 – PDA 2016 Movie & Podcast Year-in-Review

🙏🚫❓Podcast Ep 11 PDA Movie & Podcst Year-In-Review:  Deadpool (0:45); Snowden (6:45); Options in the City of Chicago (9:30); PDA gets all giggly over War Dogs (12:30); Kevin defends the McGuffin that is Arrival (18:45); Isaac sleeps on Rogue One, literally (23:15); Isaac tries his best to not spoil Passengers, Don’t Breather, and Girl on the Train (33:00); Isaac crowns Nice Guys as his favorite movie of 2016 (38:50); PDA […]

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Ep 10 – PDA 2016 TV Year-in-Review

🙏🚫❓Podcast Ep 10 PDA TV Year-In-Review:  PDA discuss if Atlanta was the best show of 2016 (5:00);  Kevin crowns Game of Thrones (13:00); Mr Robot (18:45); PDA compare The Night Of to True Detective (26:45); Stranger Things (30:20); Kevin and Isaac debate if Insecure epitomizes black roles in relationships (36:50); Power (54:15); Black Mirror (55:30); Kevin goes Narcos in Medellin (1:00:45); 1:04:00 (Dark Matter); Horace & Pete (1:07:15) [music and […]

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